Friday, January 29, 2016

maschinen krieger- Falke Repaint I

I met a modeler on Instagram also into Maschinen Krieger. He lives near, so I invited him over for a paint demo. He brought a 6 pack of ASAHI beer. RZJOEY is alright.

The Falke was my second build. I painted it with a Tamiya rattle cans (as seen below) and have wanted to strip and hand paint it for some time now.

So, for a subject to demo paint, I decided to use the Falke. First, I had to strip the enamel paint off it. Enter GUNZE, Mr Color Thinner for the job.

After stripping- 

I then primed the model with Army Painters metallic primer. After giving a coat of Mr Color metallic, I covered the model with Mr Color Silicon Barrier. The photos below are after the first coats of lacquer paint, Copic marker pre-weathering and application of large decals.


That all for now, folks.

And I just noticed the letter E is not centered....