Friday, March 11, 2016

art - It be like getting a Pollock before anyone knew it was a Pollock

Kevin Derken's Deathspotter Print
Every so often a collector has the opportunity to purchase a piece later valued at more than they paid. Be it a sentimental or financial worth (or both), the appreciation attached to a piece grows as the artist who created it gets more exposure. This is the case with Kevin Derken's work- as he continues to create, it will increasingly draw attention. His earlier pieces, priced very reasonably considering the creative vision, time ,effort and technique they embody will likely become more difficult to come by.

Right now you have 14 opportunities to own a piece by Derken. They're available HERE.

Derkens's Deathspotter

Derken's Special O Kit Bash

Derkin's Numbered Pill Bots