Wednesday, August 19, 2015

maschinen krieger - A/8 R/8 and SAFS Variant - step 5

I've quite a few Tamiya acrylic paints. And even more lacquer paints from Gaia Notes, Mr Colour and Finisher's Paints. I use maybe about 10 to 12 colours between them all. When I started hand painting, I used Testors enamel for a shot period. I quickly moved to Tamiya Acrylics thinned with Mr Leveling which eventually made me become a lacquer junkie. For these suits I decided to go back to Tamiya acrylics. I like how they go on and though I thin them to a watery constancy, the paint doesn't seem to run all over when loosely applied.

The colour is a mix of Khaki Drab (X-51), Medium Blue (XF-18) and Light Sea Grey (XF-25) to come up with green grey and blue grey shown in the paint dish. 
I applied the darker colour first on large open areas of the suit using a #6 Filbert. Where I needed to take care because of panel lines or surface details, I used my trusted #2 Woody Fit. I repeated this step a few times and then followed up with the lighter colour.

Follow tag #jsan9SAFSbuild for steps.

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