Wednesday, November 12, 2014

maschinen krieger - Welcome Back To The Doll House. Part 1

I started the Doll House Y-615 back in June. The first post, Welcome To The Doll House was all about personalizing and upgrading the build.

Maschinen Krieger
Hinged Hatch

Texture with Tamiya Putty. This is a fast way to texture the surface, however I prefer using Aves sculpt wet down and applied with a sponge as seen here.

I primed and painted the wheels and treads first.
1. Primed with Army Painters Gun Metal Primer.

2. Then a coat of a custom mix of Gaia Evo Primer Red with metallic powder from Mig Jimenez.

I installed the tread covers and fenders then taped them off to protect them from priming the rest of the kit..