Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tin Suit Supliment Joint Kit from PINKTANK

I dig the low center of gravity look the old Nitto SAFS have and the reason why I got a bunch of these kits from PINKTANK. 

The kit includes new hip pivot, hip joints, knee joints and ankle pivots for the Wave releases.

Though the kit offers the same range of movement the Wave OTB joint parts do,
I really see a difference in the look of the suit's stance....  

and it's proportions. For some, the difference in the kits appearance may not be apparent unless you're familiar with the proportions of the Nitto suits. These joints will not work with a Nitto suit unless you heavily modify the areas of the legs knee's and feet where the the joints attach to resemble Waves configuration.

I don't have photos of my own comparing an OTB Wave SAFS with one built up using PINKTANK's parts, so here some pics from PINKTANK's blog.

On left, SAFS suite with Wave joints. Right, with PINKTANK joint set.
Again On left, the taller SAFS suit with Wave kit stock joints. Right, with PINKTANK joint set.

Check out PINKTANK's blog for more pics and way to mail order.