Monday, September 2, 2013

Ma.King it to JerseyFest

Klav and I are invited to demonstrate and talk a bit about our painting and weathering techniques; how the genera we care for the most, Maschinen Krieger and the artists we've been exposed to because of it have influenced our styles.

I'll be showing the following:

-  "Space Weathering" demonstrated using AK   
   Interactive product, art markers and
     oil paints on the Hasegawa Maschinen Krieger 
     Luna Diver.
     I'll create discolorations on the Luna Diver’s hand 
     painted lacquer surface. With  
     the mediums mentioned, I'll emulate the wear 
     and tear I imagine a vehicle retains
     over elongated periods of service in space.

-  "White Wash" camo demonstrated on the MPC     

     Star Wars T-47 Snowspeeder
     Hand painted on using acrylic, oil and enamel 
     paints over hand painted lacquer
     contrast base coat for a finish that has layers and 

For more information on JerseyFest, the artists and vendors attending check out the website-

Thanks to Jason Eaton for recommending Klav and I for the demos and encouraging our involvement.